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YSET English Online

People who seek to discover, develop and or showcase their entrepreneurial talents register for this course. The purpose of this course is to prepare the participants or students to understand the intricate patterns of the English language. This course will help students to enrich their skills to compete in this global market. YSET has developed this English course in Business and Entrepreneurship to build students' comprehensive English vocabulary and expand their approach to meet the professional demands within their areas of concentration. Are you ready for the challenge? SIGN UP for this course!


English for Business and Entrepreneurship (Semester I and II)

Module 1: Introduction of the course, instructor, students. Identifying the English Language Barriers in Business and Entrepreneurship

Module 2: Becoming an Entrepreneur and Identifying Opportunities

Module 3:Creating a Business Plan (Part I)

Module 4: Creating a Business Plan (Part II)

Module 5:Creating a Marketing Strategy

Module 6:Attracting Investors

Module 7: Obtaining Financial Support

Business Expansion

The business owner sought to supply the need for outdoor seating. As a result, we devised a plan to help launch this venture. Once accomplished, this goal also allowed the owner to showcase his business and add to his clientele.

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