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Youth Social Educational Training


Learn More to Earn More 

We offer many programs and workshops including:

YSET Academy

Computer Workshop 

This workshop enables young people to explore educationally fun-filled games. These computer exercises help students to learn how to perform mathematical computations and students also navigate through reading and writing exercises.   

Science Technology

Engineering and Math (STEM) Workshop

YSET instructors teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in engaging ways.

All of YSET's curriculum incorporates the Massachusetts' Common Core goals and objectives.

Career Planning &

Corporation Development Workshop 

This workshop incorporates all newly acquired skills to create fundraising events. Fashion & talent and silent auctions are just a few of the events produced and developed by YSET students. 

Soft Skills, Job Training,

and Preparation  

IMG_0535 (1)_edited.jpg

  Students are encouraged to work productively with a team and to independently problem solve so that they will be better equipped to handle situations socially and emotionally. 

Field Trips for

All Ages 

Students are shown how to safely have fun. 

Connecting Learning to


Taking care of our community is important and the emphasis is expressed through problem solving and engagement.

YSET President with

model student

        Exemplary student of YSET becomes staff. President, Paula Starnes congratulates Terrel Jones as he graduates and prepares to go to college.  

Music Production Workshop

This workshop is a blend of personal creativity with modern technology. Students use this studio to produce original music. 

Art Workshop

This class allows students to discover their unique talents through the artistic expressions of poetry, painting, and sculpting.

Field Trip to the Shriners Circus

Shriners invite us every year! 

YSET ACADEMY is job training at its finest. 

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