YSET Academy - Youth Social Educational Training
At Y.S.E.T our motto is:
Learn More to Earn More
We offer many programs and workshops including:
Corporation Development : 
This workshop incorporates all newly acquired skills to create fundraising events for YSET.  Fashion & talent shows and silent auctions are just a few of the events produced and developed by YSET students. 
Resume/Cover letter: 
This workshop prepares students for corporate America.  Students of all ages are taught how to promote themselves on paper and properly present themselves in an interview.  Resumes and cover letters are valuable tools used in securing quality jobs in today's market.
Culinary Arts Workshop: 
This workshop teaches students all aspects of cooking from sanitation to the final meal presentation.  This program also prepares dinner for the youth and staff. Taught by Chef Antonio Polk
Video Production Workshop:    
In this workshop, students are given the opportunity to create and  develop videos to produce professional recordings, television programs, commercials and public service announcements.
Drama, Dance & Modeling:
The goals of these classes are to help students lose their fear of public speaking, showcase the grace of movement, promote self-confidence, and develop social skills.
Music Production Workshop:
This workshop is a blend of personal creativity with modern technology.  Students use this well-equipped studio to produce original tracks on compact discs (CD). In addition, music instructors teach live instruments such as drums, bass and keyboard.
Art Class:   
This class allows students to discover their unique talents through the artistic expressions of poetry, painting, and sculpting.
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