YSET Academy - Youth Social Educational Training
At Y.S.E.T our motto is:
Learn More to Earn More
We offer many programs and workshops including:
Corporation Development : 
This workshop incorporates all newly acquired skills to create fundraising events for YSET.  Fashion & talent shows and silent auctions are just a few of the events produced and developed by YSET students. 
Preparing For the Future: 
  Students are encouraged to work producytively with a team and to independently problem solve so that they will be better equipped socially and emotionally. 
Field Trips Just to Have Fun: 
Students are encouraged to have fun and stay young
Connecting Learning to Life:    
Taking care of our community is imporatant and the emphasis is expressed through guidance.
Explorative Activities:
Students see how jets operatre up close.
Music Production Workshop:
This workshop is a blend of personal creativity with modern technology.  Students use this well-equipped studio to produce original tracks on compact CD's.
Art Class:   
This class allows students to discover their unique talents through the artistic expressions of poetry, painting, and sculpting.


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